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 Le Printemps dans la Ville's full line-up!

 Le Printemps dans la Ville's Restaurants
 Le Printemps dans la Ville's Bars
In 1996, Daniel Colling, manager of Le Printemps De Bourges, gathered a dozen dynamic bartenders around a dream: create a synergy between the music festival and the whole city that would allow the audience many possibilities to listen to live music. Make the scene available, outside the festival stages. Ten years later, more than 50 businesses (bars, as well as restaurants) are assuming the musical line-up and are working hand in hand with the festival coordinators of Le Printemps dans la ville (Printemps In The City).

Supervised by the public relations department of Le Printemps de Bourges, it benefits from a solid communication throughout the music festival thanks to 30 000 printed programs, that you can also find in the supplements of the local press, 4 000 plans given to professionals, and announcements on the Printemps' website. This operation also benefits from partnerships managed by a company appointed by the festival's staff, and from permission for exceptional closing at 4 am.

So, let the music play!